During the mainland two sessions in March 2013, severe haze events in China’s megacities have drawn global attention and prompted a national campaign against PM2.5 pollution. Winresp was founded in 2013 to provide reliable protection for the populations who suffer from severe smog or influenza virus.

Our mission –

  • To protect human health from air pollution, viruses, allergies
  • To solve air pollution problems and water problems using modern technologies
  • To launch high-efficiency membrane products to the market

More than 20 years of experience of membrane manufacturing

Winresp have developed PTFE film autonomously for more than 20 years. With the most advanced HEPA air filters, we have created the N95 masks series with the lowest breathing resistance in the world.

Membrane applications include cabin air filters, air purifier filters, functional fabrics, membrane distillation system, etc.