Winresp 3D NANO-PTFE Mask (Child version)

Winresp 3D NANO-PTFE Mask (Child version)

Premium Materials、Superior Breathability、No Fluorescent Agent

Premium Materials

Smooth, glossy materials provide children a more comfortable and safer wearing experience.

Superior Breathability

Excellent breathability, which allows greater airflow to pass through, prevents children from experiencing any unpleasant skin problems.

No Fluorescent Agent

Winresp 3D NANO-PTFE mask does not contain fluorescent agent. Hypoallergenic & soft fabrics contribute to safer, more comfortable and reliable protection.

Soft Elastic Ear Loops

Ergonomic design, smooth materials and soft elastic ear loops guarantee a perfect face fit for children. These features provide a more comfortable usage experience when children wear masks for long periods of time.

Innovative Patented Nanotechnology

Great Protection, Comfort and Breathability!

To break current masks using meltblown filter pattern, Winresp utilize patented PTFE nano membrane as filter material, which offers high-efficiency (over 95 % filter efficiency level) and better performance, effective against viruses, bacteria, allergens and particles.

3 Dimensional contoured design – ensures great comfort and excellent seal

Ergonomic design with adjustable nose piece ensures the compatibility of glasses/goggles and reduces fogging, smooth and hypoallergenic liner inside increases wearer’s comfortable and acceptance