Winresp Functional Fabrics

Winresp functional fabrics – waterproof, breathable

Winresp functional fabrics consist of an outer layer called “face fabric”, usually made of nylon or polyester, and a laminated Winresp patented PTFE membrane. The purpose of the face fabric is to protect and look stylish. Behind the lining inside, there may or may not (depending on the season of the collection) be a layer of insulation to keep your body heat in. The job of keeping the water out is left to the membrane, which has tiny holes too small to let liquid water enter but large enough to allow water vapor to escape.

Winresp nano PTFE membrane possess unique fabric construction, such as ideal porous structure with small pores, fine fiber diameter, large surface area and light weight. The pore size of Winresp nano PTFE membrane is designed to be much smaller than the diameter of the smallest water droplet (2~4μm), and much larger than the diameter of water vapor (0.0003~0.0004μm).

Waterproof Rating

Feature highlight –

  1. Uniform pore size – 0.15 μm ~ 0.20 μm
  2. Breathability – 8,000 ~ 9,000 g/m2/24hrs (JIS L 1099 A1)
  3. Water Resistance – 11,000 ~ 17,000 mmH2O (JIS L 1092-1998)
  4. Air Permeability – 0.58 (ISO 9237:1995)
  5. Winresp patented non-glue laminating technology – enhance breathability and laundry resistance.
  6. Laminate without using any volatile organic solvent.
  7. Winresp membrane with advanced lamination technology can be applied to different types of fabrics, including natural or artificial fabrics.
  8. Product customization.

Acid and Alkali resistant fabric

  1. Resistance to Penetration by Liquids (30% H2SO4 & 40% NaOH) –    No liquid penetration (EN 368:1993)
  2. Ultra Violet Transmission of Fabric (UPF) – >500 (BS EN 13758-1:2002)
  3. Water Resistance – 11,000 ~ 14,000 (ISO 811:1981)
  4. Air Permeability – 0.2 (ISO 9237:1995)

Area of use

  1. Chemical and biological protective clothing
  2. Medical protective covering
  3. Work wear
  4. Outdoor protective clothing


  1. Skiing & Snowbording Garment
  2. Fishing Garment
  3. Hunting Garment
  4. Mountaineering Garment
  5. Motorcycling Garment
  6. Aerobic Jacket
  7. Footwear
  8. Gloves & Accessories