N95 Anti – Dust Mask

win your respiration, win your health.

Product Description:

Winresp N95 Respirator is made of patented PTFE nano filtration membrane (>95% filter efficiency level), and designed to certain airborne particles and microorganisms.

Product Structure:

First Layer: Non-woven fabric with water-repellent properties for preventing fog and water vapor infiltration

Second Layer: PET materials for maintaining structural support of the three-dimensional shape and keeping the tight seal.

Third Layer: The main N95 level filtration layer made of innovative NANO-PTFE membranes, which effectively protect human from PM 0.3, bacteria and influenza virus, especially with better breathability as compared to the traditional N95 respirators.

Fourth Layer: PET materials for maintaining structural support of the three-dimensional shape and keeping the tight seal.

Product Features:

  1. Innovated and patented NANO-PTFE Membrane
  2. Anti-haze and anti-dust HEPA-level filtering material
  3. Ultralow breathing pressure provide smooth Breathing and comfort
  4. Perfect face seal¸ high moisture-permeability
  5. Effectively protect human against fine particles, bacteria, mold, allergens and influenza viruses.

Instruction for fitting:

  1. Take the respirator and gently extent the elastic head bands one after another. Place the respirator with in hand, the noseclip pointing at your fingertip and the headbands hanging downwards.
  2. Position the respirator under the chin with nosepiece facing upwards.
  3. Pass the lower elastic headband over the head and place it on the back of the neck, then position the upper band around the head above the ears.
  4. Adjust the headband for a proper and comfort tension. Pull the headband at either side of buckle for tighter fit: push out the buckle for looser fit.
  5. Then mould the nosepiece to the shape of the nose.

To check the correct fit, cup the respirator with both hands and exhale powerfully. If any airflow indicates leakage around the edges of the respirator, stretch the headbands again by pulling them backwards. If necessary, the length of the elastic headband can be shortened by knotting. Then correct the position of the respirator and check again.

Warnings :

  1. Do not use this respirator as protection against toxic particles, gases or vapors, solvents from spray-painting operations, or in explosive atmospheres.
  2. Do not use this respirator in tanks, enclosed places or in any circumstances where gas is likely to be present or in oxygen deficient atmospheres.
  3. This respirator should not be worn when conditions prevent a good face to face piece seal. Such conditions includes the growth of beards or mustache and sideburns and the use of spectacles or any other devices containing temples or straps which pass between the respirator sealing edge and the wearers face.
  4. Leave the working area immediately if breathing becomes difficult or dizziness or any other signs of distress occur.
  5. It is not allowed to use the respirator without proper fit.
  6. The instruction for use and warning is helpful for correct using of the product and to prevent risks of health. It is peremptory to read it carefully and to follow it.