Plate & Frame UF

Membrane Distillation

Membrane Distillation is a thermal (40~80°C), vapor-driven separation process that utilizes differences in vapor pressure to permeate water through micro-porous hydrophobic membranes.

Technical Principle

Membrane distillation (MD) is a separation process based on the vapor transport across the hydrophobic microporous membrane (the interfaces between feed/membrane and permeate/membrane).

Features of Winresp UF

  1. Appropriate thickness of membrane: to achieve the best balance between membrane flux and thermal conductivity.
  2. Unique isoporous membrane: to increase the hydrophobicity of membrane for avoiding the infiltration of water.
  3. Low values of surface energy: the lower values of surface energy, the better performance of hydrophobicity.
  4. Low thermal conductivity: to maintain the temperature difference between the two solution-membrane interfaces and the vapor pressure.
  5. High porosity: to increase the membrane flux.

Custom Engineered Solution

Winresp offers custom engineered water treatment pilot plants to fit your specific application.
Our unique design of plate & frame ultrafiltration (UF) makes maintenance and membrane replacement much easier.

Winresp Pilot Plant Available sizes

  • Winresp Pilot Plant – 100 ton per day
  • Winresp Pilot Plant – 500 ton per day